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YOORA STUDIO is a sustainable eco-friendly Slovak fashion brand founded by fashion designer Zuzana Kedroňová.

Brand offers a comprehensive collection of wedding dresses, each piece being an original. 


At Yoora Studio, we believe in one-of-a-kind bridal designs that embrace the principles of slow and fair fashion. We firmly believe that bridal fashion can embody timeless designs, utilize high-quality sustainable materials, and promote environmental responsibility.


We specialize in creating wedding dress designs that draw inspiration from Art Deco and Art Nouveau while infusing modern approaches. We like our dresses to adapt to the body, not the other way around and without compromising on materials and production standards. Years of our experience and feedback from our lovely brides shape all our designs. Moreover, many of our dresses can be reworked into chic, casual pieces suitable for various occasions beyond the wedding day.


Yoora studio -Bratislava

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